An Open Letter To My Colleagues

Letter opener

  I usually write articles in which I speak directly to real estate consumers. These articles are about how to sell your home or about explaining the different service options available to consumers. But, today is different. Today, I’m … [Read more...]

Is Fear Preventing You From Being a For Sale By Owner and Selling Your Own Home?

Fear For Sale By Owner

  Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown influenced by the behavior of the people around us. Have you ever notice how children appear to be fearless? They are quick to touch, smell and put just about anything in their months. Until, … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Sell For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

  With the use of modern real estate service options, selling your home for sale by owner has never been easier to do. Despite some of the negative things you'll find on the web (mostly from self-serving agents), you can sell your own … [Read more...]

Create A Spooky Yard For Halloween


  Halloween is one of my favorite childhood holidays. It can be one of the most child-like and fun holidays of the year. From the adorable and excited children in their costumes to costume parties for adults, Halloween is really a time to let … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Dzmitry for Selling His Own Home!

36 Brennan St Naugatuck

Post by Lisa Henderson. … [Read more...]