If you want to sell your home, work with a respected brokerage, get treated like a person (not a commission check) and solve the problem of “out-of-touch-with-reality” real estate commissions, then the information on this site may be the most valuable you read all year. Here’s why…

The Biggest Problem Facing Home Sellers

Even though technology has made marketing a house easier, real estate brokers refuse to budge on their fees. Connecticut law requires a statement in all listing agreements notifying consumers that all real estate commissions are negotiable between the broker and client.

But there’s a catch – there’s no law that says real estate brokers have to negotiate with you.

When you couple this with the fact that technology now allows buyers to search for their own homes online, it just doesn’t seem fair that you’re the only one getting squeezed on real estate fees.

Get Acknowledged For What You Already Know

Home buying and selling has changed. Buyers have access to information that was once only available to real estate brokers. Now they can take control of their home search.

But home buyers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the growing wealth of information available online. You have access to online real estate information too. You know more about real estate than sellers did in years past. You may even know more about your local market than some real estate agents. It’s time you get acknowledge for that.

Choose What’s Best For You, Not Your Real Estate Agent

The good news is there IS something different.

Realty by Design is NOT your traditional one-size-fits-all real estate brokerage.

We are a team of experienced, highly-trained professionals who recognize that every seller is different and each deserves a unique approach to selling their home.

Whether you want to sell the home on your own while reaching the widest number of buyers possible or you want a more all-inclusive real estate solution, we can customize a commission-saving plan for you.

Save Money By Choosing The Real Estate Services YOU Want


Local, Friendly,
In-Person Flat Fee
MLS Listing Service

Get personal attention and a customized marketing plan to help you sell your own house.

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All-Inclusive Full-Service Real Estate Services

Learn how our full service home selling solution will save you time and money.

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Combination Hybrid Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Get the savings a Flat Fee MLS Listing combined with the support of Full Service.

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Really Smart, Serious Home Sellers Use Our Real Estate Services

Our home sellers have many different backgrounds. Here’s a breakdown of the experiences of some of our past and current clients:

Who Uses Our Services?

  • Home sellers with expired listings who now realize the promises of a faster sale at a higher price were nothing more than a “sales pitch” 25%
  • Former real estate agents who already know the secrets to selling a home and refuse to pay a full-fee commission to sell their own homes 20%
  • Business owners who know the value of controlling expenses and increasing revenue and want to translate those principles that into their home sale 40%
  • First-time home sellers who have educated themselves about the process 15%
  • Really smart homeowners who refuse to overspend on real estate commissions 100%

The Next Step For Serious Sellers

If you’re serious about selling your home and saving on real estate commission, your next step is to contact us for a complimentary strategy consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and expectations, and put together a home selling plan that works for you and your goals.


If you’re not ready to contact us but want to know more about saving on real estate commission, download our guide on 5 Ways To Save On Real Estate Commissions. Click here to get your copy.


If you’re intrigued, visit our About page or our Agents page to learn more about Realty by Design and how we help homeowners (and buyers) save money on real estate commissions.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Services

When our house sold, our lawyer asked twice about Lisa’s commission. She was paid a flat fee…we explained her options to him. When the checks were written, the thousands that were saved made our choice to hire Lisa a blessing. We hired 3 other companies before Lisa, and I can not tell you how much MORE she did than any of them. She is so on the right track that I expect her to grow larger than all others. Thank you Lisa.

R. King, Fairfield CT

I am very grateful and very impressed with you and the way you approach the business. We will absolutely be doing business together again; and, perhaps even more importantly, I will be a huge advocate. I will spread the word and let all my friends know about Realty by Design!!

K. Weiss, Norwalk, CT

I bought my house using [Realty By Design’s] selective services and sold my old house with a flat fee listing
I saved a lot of money and received superior service. I worked with other agents before and Lisa is really the best. If you want to use Lisa as a full service agent you’ll be satisfied as well. She is energetic next-generation agent , who is not afraid to offer new services.She is knowledgeable and very professional.

Dzmitry M., Southington

Read more testimonials here

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5 Ways To Save On Real Estate Commissions

5 Ways To Save On Real Estate Commissions

Never pay a full fee again! Download this ebook to discover 5 easy ways you can save on real estate commissions. Learn the secrets before you list your home. Finding out what you could have done after you list...well, that would be a bummer.

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