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Hartford County Area, CT

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Hi. I am Brian Deal and I am not only an agent, but also a Certified Financial Planner®.

Before becoming a licensed real estate agent, I have helped hundreds of clients with their home transaction and financing decisions, often having to step in when their agent did not do the work they were paid for (often overpaid in my opinion).

After witnessing clients struggle through a few bad experiences, I started vetting out and interviewing agents on my client’s behalf, to ensure they received the most competent professional possible at a fair cost. Now that I am an agent, I guide clients through their decisions, and help them save money where they can (even when it is my own commission!).

I am excited to work with Lisa and her team at Realty by Design utilizing their transparent and straightforward process to educate clients and save them money.
I love being able to help clients save their hard-earned equity when they sell their home with our flat-fee and hybrid listing services, along with helping buyers strategically analyze their purchase and put money in their pocket at closing. I can often negotiate a rebate of commission for my buyer clients, and have special commission rebate programs for Military, Police, and other First Responders.

If you are looking for help or simply want to discuss your real estate situation, I’d be happy to chat.

Call/text me at (860) 978-1168 or email at

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