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How Does It Work?
Buyer Rebates CT Program works on a sliding scale based on the number of properties we show you before you make your home purchase. Each participating Realty by Design agent determines his/her rebate schedule.
Buyer Rebates CT saves you money on the purchase of your home.

Please contact Lisa Henderson at (203) 909-6615 regarding the Buyer Rebate Program.

FAQS About Buyer Rebates CT
What is a Buyer Rebate?

A buyer rebate is a refund of a portion of the buyer broker’s real estate commission that goes to you, the buyer.

Are buyer rebates legal in CT?

Yes. Buyer rebates are legal in CT. There are only 10 states in the U.S. that prohibit buyer rebates. Fortunately for home buyers here, Connecticut IS NOT one of those states. The United States Department of Justice is working to overturn the bans on buyer rebates in those 10 states in order to allow every home buyer in the U.S. the opportunity to receive a buyer rebate.

Learn more about buyer rebates from the United States Department of Justice:

Why does Realty by Design offer buyer rebates?

We offer buyer rebates as an incentive for you to work with us, especially when you have already located the home you would like to purchase. Our buyer rebate program works on a sliding scale and rewards home buyers based on the number of home showings.

Does every Realty by Design agent offer rebates?

No. This is an elective program. Not every Realty by Design agent chooses to participate in the buyer rebate program.

Are there any fees?

Yes. Each participating Realty by Design agent charges either a one-time non-refundable retainer or a non-refundable per showing fee.

Do you limit the services buyers receive when they get a rebate?

No. Our buyer services are full-services — even when you receive a rebate. You receive a rebate based on the number of property showings … not based limited services. We will do showings, present offers, negotiate, attend inspections and coordinate the purchase through to closing, etc., just like any other full-service buyer’s agent.

Are there any excluded properties?

Yes. If you initially contact us regarding one of our properties listed using our Flat Fee MLS program, we are required to connect you directly with the seller as per our agreement with the seller. In that case, we would not represent you as a buyer’s agent for that specific property.

Can I visit open houses to find my house?

Yes. However, if you plan to use our services, you should contact us prior to visiting open houses so that we may provide counsel.

Can I call the listing agent to show me the house and then call you for the purchase?

No. You should never call the listing agent for showings. ALWAYS call Realty by Design for ALL showings. Calling the listing agent negates our ability to collect a commission and therefore to provide you with the buyer rebate.

How do I get started?

Contact the broker Lisa Henderson at (203) 909-6615 or complete the form to the right. Lisa will put you in touch with a Realty by Design agent for your area.

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Contact a Realty by Design agent
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