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Choosing A Flat Fee Broker
Can Be A Challenge

Most Flat Fee MLS companies operate only online. In fact, many aren’t real estate brokers at all! They’re middlemen.

They collect your personal information and your payment. Then they send your information to a third-party broker (one you’ve never met or spoken to).

When you choose an online only broker, you don’t know who you’re really doing business with.

There Is Something You Can
Do About It

Say “no” to online only, invisible brokers and “yes” to personalized service and attention.

We will meet with you to discuss how to use our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service to get your home sold.

From pricing assistance to luxury property marketing, we’ll show how to you can customize your MLS services for maximum exposure of your listing.

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Don’t lose the opportunity to
Pay $0 Commission

There Are Two BIG Benefits Of Using
A Flat Fee Broker To Sell Your Home

(1) The opportunity to save ½ the real estate commission.

(2) The opportunity to sell your home to a buyer who is not working
with an agent and pay $0 commission.

But, if your Flat Fee broker doesn’t refer to you the buyers who contact your broker about your home, then you’re at a disadvantage.

You see, when home buyers see your property on public websites, they also see your listing broker’s contact information.

These home buyers may contact your listing broker for more information about your home.

You Need To Know How Buyer
Inquiries On Your Home Are Handled

A reputable Flat Fee broker, like Realty by Design, will connect these potential buyers directly with you so that you have an opportunity to sell your home to a buyer who does not have an agent.

On the other hand, there are Flat Fee brokers who will sell these buyer leads (as they are called in the industry) to other agents. This works against you and kills any chance you have of maximizing your commission savings.

Before you list your home with a Flat Fee broker, ask how buyer inquiries are handled. Check their website to see if they publicly state that buyer leads are forwarded to you.

You deserve every advantage possible.

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Flat Fee mls listing service seller showing house

Gain Peace of Mind With Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service View Features & Pricing
The MLS is the MOST Powerful Tool in Selling Your Home

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Get the power of the MLS combined with the knowledge
and support of a local agent

We have…

Brick & Mortar Unlike online only brokers, we have an actual physical location. We’re here to stay.
Easy To Reach In addition to online support, we offer phone and in-person support too.
A+ Rating We deliver on our promises. You can count on us when you need us. We have an A+ Rating with the BBB.
Quality Tools Our for sale signs are made of quality materials and blend beautifully with agent listings.
Resources Do you need a photographer or other service providers? We can provide you with recommendations.

We are…

In-House ServiceWe don’t pass you on to a third party. We ARE your service provider.
AuthenticWe want you to succeed and will do everything possible to make sure you do.
FlexibleSometimes unexpected events occur during home selling. We’re here for you whether you need a little or a lot of help.
KnowledgeableOur broker is active in consumer education and teaches home seller classes.
SincereAs much as we’d like to change the world, we can’t help everyone. If our services are not right for you…we’ll let you know.
Use a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service to make it easy for buyers

Buyers Shouldn’t Have To Look Very Hard To Find Your House

Traditional real estate agents use the MLS to expose their listings to home buyers. Now you can list your property on the Connecticut MLS without paying a 5% or even a 6% real estate commission.

If your house sells to a buyer with a buyer’s agent, you’ll pay only the buyer agent com-mission at closing.

Pay $0 if there’s no buyer’s agent involved.

It takes exposure to sell your house, and you get maximum exposure and savings with a flat fee MLS listing service.

Use a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service to sell your house

It Takes a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service To Sell Your House Faster

When you list on the MLS in Connecticut, every broker participating in the Connecticut MLS has access to your listing and has incentive to sell it.

Buyer’s agents ALWAYS use the MLS when they are looking for houses for their buyers.

If you choose to sell as a traditional FSBO (no MLS), buyer’s agents have no incentive to bring their buyers.

The best way to reach buyers and their agents is to list on the MLS.

How much should you pay for a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

How Much Should You Pay For a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

As you search the web, you’ll find prices as low as $199 for listing on the MLS. Companies with extremely low listing fees are out-of-state Flat Fee MLS Listing Service mills.

Selling your own house and saving money on real estate commission is really smart. Choosing a high-quality, accessible Flat Fee MLS Listing Service is a wise investment in your home sale.

We offer advice, resources, Local support services, in-person meetings and real help when you need it. We have agents in your area ready to assist you with your home sale. You won’t get that for $199.

Realty by Design Reviews about our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service
D. Rubenstein
Fairfield, CT

I just finished working with Lisa Henderson, the owner of Realty By Design, to re-rent my Fairfield, CT condo. It was a great experience, and Lisa exceeded my expectations in every area.

After paying over twenty two hundred dollars last year in realtor fees to rent my condo, I really wanted to try a flat fee MLS-only service that would allow me to pay a small fee to list the condo myself. I researched a number of national flat fee MLS services and found Realty By Design to be priced competitively. I also really liked the idea of working with a local company in Fairfield County that understands the area. Reviews on other flat fee MLS services warned that I might not be able to communicate with the service provider over the phone, which made me nervous since this was my first attempt.

Fortunately, Lisa was very accessible.

…When questions arose during the process, Lisa was there to answer them. In all of these instances, Lisa did more than what was required given the flat-fee nature of the service.

Our condo re-rented within a few days of listing it, and thanks to Lisa and her service, we saved thousands.

I will certainly use Lisa again next year, and I’d recommend her to others without hesitation.

Read the full testimonial and others here.

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