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Using discount real estate services can reduce the cost of selling your home. There’s no question that the advances in technology make it easier to market your home. Why should real estate brokers be the only ones who benefit from this? This is your money! Because of these advances, buyers will find your home on the public websites they use during their home search. You no longer have to list with a big name broker to have the big name broker sell your house. The reality is that buyers do not care about the name hanging on your for sale.

Are you a home seller asking “Why are real estate commissions so high?”

You’re not alone. Home sellers across the country are turning to independent real estate brokers like Realty by Design to save real estate agent fees.

Unlike traditional real estate brokers, we recognize technology has made it far easier (and less costly) to sell a house. We pass those savings on to you!

We also do things a little differently. We know every client is unique, so we do not use the same one-size-fits-all home selling approach that other brokers use.

We take the time to understand your particular needs and circumstances to craft a customized marketing plan just for you. When you choose Realty By Design to sell your home, you start the engine of an efficient, effective marketing machine. We’ll get right to work marketing your home using the most powerful marketing tools and techniques in the industry. We take our role as your adviser and guide very seriously.

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We have a special approach to working with our clients and this is why they hire us to sell their homes.

We believe in providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer service in the real estate industry.

We never pressure our clients.

We always inform and educate our clients regarding their options.

We dislike the traditional “one-size-fits-all” real estate agent approach.

We like saving our clients time and money.

Our clients look to us for honest and professional real estate services that put their needs ahead of our own.

We’re at our best when we can ease the stress of an overwhelmed home seller by explaining their options and guiding them through the process.

We work for you – and we never forget that!

We Utilize A Wide Variety Of Powerful Marketing Tools!
1 MLS System

Your property will be listed on either the CT Statewide MLS or Fairfield County MLS depending on where it is located. We can add an additional MLS system if your property borders both MLS coverage areas.

Flexible Listing Term

We offer listing terms as short as 3 months or up to 1 year. The length of the listing term is negotiable.

Listing Syndication

Your listing is syndicated to all the major sites & appears on broker websites like Raveis, Keller Williams, etc. through IDX for complete exposure.

Comparative Market Analysis

We will provide you with comparable properties in your area to help you determine a competitive price for your property.

State Disclosure Forms

We’ll provide you with CT state disclosure forms so you are in compliance with the law.

Buyer's Agent Commission

Your customized service and commission plan includes the buyer agent’s commission.

For Sale Sign

We’ll install a professional for sale sign and post as an additional marketing tool to let everyone who passes by your home know it’s for sale.

Agent Email Blast

We can send a custom designed email alert to area agents to let them know your property has been newly listed.

Info Box Brochure

We’ll design and print colorful flyers and provide them in a info box next to your for sale sign. This allows buyers who prefer printed materials vs. digital information to have everything at their fingertips.

Photo Floor Plan and Room Planner

Buyer’s love floor plans and ours includes a room planner and photos showing rooms from different angles. It’s digital marketing at its best!

Listing IDX to other Broker Sites

You don’t have to list with Raveis or Berkshire to be on their websites. With IDX they promote your listing on their site!

Facebook Page & Targeted FB Ads

We create a Facebook listing page and promote it using targeted ads to users Facebook has identified as “likely to move”.

Single Property Website

When buyers scan the QR code or text for more information, they are instantly taken to your property website where they will see more photos, floor plans and other property information.

Just Listed Postcards

Never underestimate the powerful word-of-mouth marketing generated by your neighbors. We’ll alert your surrounding area about your new listing.

Flexible Contract Terms

Need more services? Need less? No problem. We will tailor services to your specific wants and needs. That’s what Realty by Design is all about.

Market Updates

Market conditions can change in a heartbeat. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest changes that affect the sale of your home.

Professional Photography

Photos are the key to your online listing. We recommend and can provide professional photography.

Listings on the top websites

Zillow, Trulia and are among the 100’s of websites where your listing will appear online.

Broker Open House

Broker open houses provide agents and brokers the opportunity to view and to get to know your property prior showing their buyers.

Showing Coordination

Having a bunch of different agents calling you can be annoying. We can provide one point of contact for all showings so that work with one person to coordinate all showings.

Electronic Lockbox

An electronic lockbox allows agents with a Realtor keypad to access your property during their scheduled appointment time. This facilitates the showing process and increases the number of showings.

Social Media Marketing

We create additional exposure with a YouTube video and Facebook ad campaign

Youtube Video

Did you know videos rank high in search engine results? That’s why we’ll create a Youtube video for your property. When a buyer searches your property address, your video is likely to show up.

Virtual Tour & Walk Thru Video

Interested buyers want to interact with your listing. We’ll create a virtual tour that can be uploaded to the MLS and to Zillow and Trulia

QR code & Text Message Marketing

We use this technology on printed materials. Buyers scan the QR code or text and receive instant access to more information about your property.

Adwerx Campaign

Have you ever a website and then their ads follow you as you browse the web? We use a similar technology to show your listing ad to buyers based on their web browsing history.

Premier Open House Launch

Due to open house safety and theft concerns, we don’t hold repeated open houses. However, at your request, we will host a premier open house launch when your property first comes on the market.

Showing Feedback

We request for feedback from every showing once the showing time has past. This provides you with valuable information about what buyers and agents think about your property.

Buyer Information Packets

Our marketing continues once a buyer visits your property. We’ll create an information buyer packet that includes floor plans, disclosures, list of improvements, etc. as a take-home marketing piece.

Online Classified Advertising

Our marketing goes beyond real estate websites. We’ll marketing your listing in places where savvy buyers are looking.

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