Realty by Design Review: Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client too!

The flat rate fee allowed the home to be on MLS at minimal cost but good visibility, while fee for extra services (open house etc) allowed flexibility to show myself or by friends at no cost or use listing agent as needed. This provided greatest amount of totally unbiased feedback without the typical listing agent badgering to quickly reduce price to achieve fast sale. Results count. Having no commission gave immensely better result when I found it necessary to reduce sales price to conclude a sale.

Paul Chapman

Westport CT Home Seller

In this day and age of easily accessible information Lisa Henderson and Realty by Design has found the ideal model for real estate agency to sell your home. Much of the services provided by a traditional real estate agency can easily be done yourself – so why pay thousands of dollars to an agent to do these basic tasks?

The best reason to use a real estate agent today is to allow your home to be listed on all of the major web sites – which is what most people use to find the houses they want to buy. By using Realty by Design – I got my house listed on the MLS and all of the major web sites without having to pay a huge commission in order to do so. Any time I wanted to make a change to my listing Lisa responded immediately and made sure that my changes were done accurately. So while I did not have to pay for a high commission to a traditional agent I still got a partner that who was quickly able to help me with whatever I needed as it pertained to my listing.

By using the Internet I did my own competitive analysis using comparable sales with data from a site like realtor.com as well as my town’s GIS site. I used a digital camera and took many photos for my listing until I got the ones that were just right. I tracked and managed my showings in the free Showtime App. I negotiated directly with homebuyers and/or their agents. Finally, I used a real estate attorney to help me with the contracts – which I would have had to do no matter what agent I used. If you are also comfortable doing these same sorts of tasks then I highly recommend partnering with Realty by Design and Lisa Henderson as your agent and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Joe S.

We are very pleased with Lisa Henderson at Realty by Design. Our house was placed on all the major real estate websites. There are several options to choose and there was never any pressure to add services. Lisa sent helpful e-mails periodically with tips on selling our home and she was always available to answer any questions. We sold our home and saved on commission costs. I would highly recommend using Realty by Design

Josephine Catalano

120 Sailors Lane, Bridgeport

I met Lisa Henderson when I responded to an ad offering a class, adult ed at Fairfield High, in selling your home. Even before I attended her class I knew her program was perfect for me and just what I needed to be successful selling my house. All I was missing was a little market reach but more importantly the ability to insure brokers of the integrity of my offering, the assurance that their commission would be paid and that the transaction would be handled in a professional manner. Lisa was my solution! The traffic my MLS Listing generated exceeded my expectations. I met and was most impressed and happy to work with many brokers. In early spring after several open houses within a week or two I had 3 offers to consider. Working with a buyer’s broker I accepted an offer and closed within 30 days. I wouldn’t think of selling my home again without Realty by Design on my team!

Casey Mulqueen

Fairfield, CT

When our house sold our lawyer asked twice about Lisa’s commission. She was paid a flat fee…we explained her options to him. When the checks were written, the thousands that were saved made our choice to hire Lisa a blessing. We hired 3 other companies before Lisa, and I can not tell you how much MORE she did than any of them. She is so on the right track that I expect her to grow larger than all others. Thank you Lisa.

R. King

Home Seller, Fairfield CT

Both my wife and I are former licensed agents in this area and we know how to price it, how to market it, how to stage it, and how to represent it.

There was no point in our paying a listing broker a full commission.

The broker, Lisa Henderson is gracious, very smart, very knowledgeable, and her business model suited us to a tee.

She provided us with good guidance, a professional yard sign, an electronic lock box, and everything else we needed to do the job right.

I really don’t know what else I would have wanted or needed.

Tom and Linda S.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Easton, CT)

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for helping to make the sale of our home so seamless. You were always extremely prompt in making sure the transaction went as smoothly as possible. We are definitely recommending you and your services to everyone we know starting the for sale process.

Thanks for your continuous professionalism and hard work.

Kristen and Richard Rubin

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Trumbull, CT)

There is no question that selling a house is a stressful experience particularly in these difficult economic times but thanks to Lisa’s ability to remain confident and calm the process went smoothly.

Not only is she personable and reliable but her determination is unbeatable.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa and Realty By Design and I recommend them unequivocally.

Susan P.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Norwalk, CT)

I would recommend Realty by Design. Lisa was so helpful and answered any question I had. We used the flat fee service. Right a way we received requests to view our home. The first couple bought our home for a lot more than we expected. By selling our home on our own with MLS we saved significantly on paying commission.

R W Byard

Stratford CT Home Seller

After several bad experiences with real estate agents, my husband and I searched for a new more affordable way to sell our home. We were willing to put the work in and stage our home and manage our own open houses, but we were not ok to lose 2 1/2% selling commission. Lisa Henderson’s Realty By Design model was the perfect solution. Her confidence and reassurance gave us the comfort to move forward. Her fast service, such as lock box on our door the next day, and accurate data entry to MLS, at lightning speed, was beyond impressive. Knowing Lisa was always a quick call away, we listed, negotiated and sold our own house in record time, saving us thousands. I highly recommend Realty by Design and the limited listing option. We can’t wait to list with Lisa again!

Thank you!!!

Kimberly and Michael Tromba

21 Morehouse Lane (sold!), Norwalk, CT

I am very grateful and very impressed with you and the way you approach the business. We will absolutely be doing business together again; and, perhaps even more importantly, I will be a huge advocate. I will spread the word and let all my friends know about Realty by Design!!

K. Weiss

Norwalk, CT

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for the support, guidance and thorough information you provided to us. We sincerely appreciate all the time you took with us, answering our questions, providing resources and just being there for us! You are an easy person to work with and extremely knowledgeable.

We highly recommend your company!

Thank you for all of your help!

Best Regards,

Barbara S.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Weston, CT)

It is rare to find in this real estate business a successful realtor who is like you: honest, friendly, reliable, sharing information and ready to help.

This is your personality and I am convinced that in any environment you will do this same to the common fellows.

Lisa, I admire you and am honored to know you.

Another thing is that people alike get and stay together.

I will try to get back to you as many goodness of my heart as possible.

Whatever you would need Lisa just please do not hesitate to turn to me.

Irena Witelus

Broker and Owner, Blue Planet Realty

I cannot express enough how happy I was working with Lisa Henderson. Lisa goes above and beyond other agents. She is realistic and understands today’s real estate market.

Working with Lisa was a great experience. She was extremely knowledgeable of the area, listened to what my needs were, didn’t waste my time in any way, and helped me through the entire process.

Lisa provided me with much needed information about comparable sales and potential pitfalls that might arise.

She helped me to make the best decision for my needs. Lisa was spectacular!

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone buying or selling in the Fairfield County area. She is highly professional, always available, and just an all-around nice person.

Liz M.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Fairfield, CT)

Lisa worked with our mortgage broker for months in order for us to get to the closing table.

At a time when banks were making home loans more difficult, she made countless telephone calls to the brokers on our behalf, faxing numerous pages of documents to his office.

With all the difficulties we ran into, Lisa kept the broker on his toes and kept on reassuring us that everything would be alright. Thanks to Lisa’s positive attitude, her hard work and her determination, we were able to get our home. Because of Lisa’s hard work and determined attitude we have recommended her to family and friends and we will continue to recommend her to anyone we know that is looking to buy a home.

Peter T.

Realty by Design Review, Home Buyer (Bridgeport, CT)

By the way all our family and friends, as do we, love the pictures of the house you took – great job!

Anton B.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller & Buyer (Norwalk & Wilton, CT)

It has been my pleasure meeting and working with Lisa Henderson; her professionalism, knowledge of real estate and marketing skills are beyond measure. It is her calm and sincere approach that I most appreciate.

Lisa is true to her word. I will certainly be returning to Lisa with any future real estate needs.

Sharon D.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Trumbull & Stratford, CT)

It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa. She is a professional and is extremely knowledgeable in many different areas.

Aimee C.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Fairfield, CT)

Lisa Henderson is a consummate professional. Knowledgeable, caring and responsive. She was always willing to provide support during the ups and downs of the home sale process. Her staging ideas really were instrumental in finding my buyer. Thank you for your patience and assistance, Lisa.

Cathy Evans

Fairfield, CT

Lisa is a real asset to anyone who takes on the considerable challenge of going it alone when selling their residence. When my wife and I decided to sell our house by ourselves, Lisa got us a flat fee listing on the MLS and helped to promote our showings whenever we did an Open House.

What was even more valuable was her knowledge of the Fairfield County real estate market and the advice we got from her when we needed support and counsel when it came to negotiating with potential buyers.

I’m glad we found Lisa when we did – since the whole process of putting the house on the market to closing took only four months!

Scott K.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Norwalk, CT)

I bought my house using [Realty By Design’s] selective services and sold my old house with a flat fee listing .

I saved a lot of money and received superior service.

I worked with other agents before and Lisa is really the best.

If you want to use Lisa as a full service agent you’ll be satisfied as well.

She is energetic next-generation agent , who is not afraid to offer new services.She is knowledgeable and very professional.

Dzmitry M.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller & Buyer (Southington, CT)


Recently realized that I did not write you a letter of appreciation for all that you have done to market and expedite the sale of the Norwalk property.

The specialized attention to even the smallest detail, did not go unnoticed.

The honesty, sincerity and integrity that you consistently displayed is indeed a credit to your chosen profession.

I wish you nothing but success in all of your future endeavors. Do not hesitate to list me as one of your satisfied clients. Attached are a couple of construction photos of the FL home.

Take care and regards to your family. Sid

Sidney A.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Norwalk, CT)

It was a pleasure working with Lisa Henderson.

We were first time home buyers, and Lisa was patient, and understanding of all of our concerns.

She helped us see the value in our investment, and we are thrilled with the small changes that we have made to improve our home.

With her help we were able to purchase a house we could afford, and turn it into not only a home, but a powerful investment.

We look forward to working with Lisa again when our time comes to transition to our next home.

Sam and Kate G.

Realty by Design Review, Home Buyer (Norwalk, CT)

My husband and I thought Lisa would be a perfect fit. She was nice and pleasant. We loved her marketing techniques. She seems like a go getter & always smiling!

Linda and Chris P.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Norwalk, CT)

I just finished working with Lisa Henderson, the owner of Realty By Design, to re-rent my Fairfield, CT condo. It was a great experience, and Lisa exceeded my expectations in every area.

After paying over twenty two hundred dollars last year in realtor fees to rent my condo, I really wanted to try a flat fee MLS-only service that would allow me to pay a small fee to list the condo myself. I researched a number of national flat fee MLS services and found Realty By Design to be priced competitively. I also really liked the idea of working with a local company in Fairfield County that understands the area. Reviews on other flat fee MLS services warned that I might not be able to communicate with the service provider over the phone, which made me nervous since this was my first attempt.

Fortunately, Lisa was very accessible.

My wife and I really appreciated Lisa’s attention to detail and her inclination to go above and beyond the call of duty. When we emailed her photos for the listing, she asked us what order we wanted them in, and she took the time to arrange them. When we were unsure whether to use the CT MLS or Fairfield County MLS, she guided us toward the best choice. Despite instructions in my listing directing agents and potential renters to contact me directly, a number of them contacted Lisa. Where other flat fee MLS providers might have ignored these inquiries, Lisa dutifully forwarded them to me. When questions arose during the process, Lisa was there to answer them. In all of these instances, Lisa did more than what was required given the flat-fee nature of the service.

Our condo re-rented within a few days of listing it, and thanks to Lisa and her service, we saved thousands.

I will certainly use Lisa again next year, and I’d recommend her to others without hesitation.

D. Rubenstein

Landlord (Fairfield, CT)

I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. It’s amazing that you could make me feel like your priority and only client all throughout this process.

I will definitely recommend you to others when given the opportunity.

Kristen M.

Realty by Design Review, Home Seller (Stratford, CT)

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